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Trans-Spain - Andorra to Portugal

Trans-Spain Tour - 1,800 km from Andorra to Portugal

The hotels we have chosen are all a little bit special - either for their location or their characteristics.

1: First night you stay in our regular, the 4 star Hotel Delfos, set in the middle of the capital of Andorra, Andorra-La-Vella. All rooms are spacious twins with own full en-suite bathroom, satellite TV, phone and air-conditioning. For those keen to get a feel for the Andorran nightlife, there are plenty cafes, bars and nightclubs within a few minutes walk.

2: Our second night is spent in Oliana at a small family-run hotel owned by the family of Isidre Esteve Pujol, 8 times Spanish National Enduro champion, as well as a regular participant in the Paris - Dakar.

3: The next night is spent in Zaragoza, a city established nearly 2000 years ago, and set on the River Ebro. Again we have chosen a small hotel for it's breathtaking view across the main square of St Pilar to the Basilica St Pilar, a fantastic baroque construction built in the 17th century with 11 domes, dedicated to Spain's patron saint.

4: The 4th night is in Soria, an old Spanish town built on a hillside. Here we have decided to use a local old Meson hotel for it's character and charm. Located within the town, the rooms are comfy with views across the Duero valley.

5: The fifth night we stay at a Parador Hotel in Tordesillas, west of Valladolid. The parador was originally an old ancestral home, and sits amongst pine groves. Valuable antiques can be found in some of the rooms. A spectacular blue swimming pool dominates the garden. On the 7th June 1494 the Spanish and Portuguese signed the Treaty of Tordesillas which was established to define their future areas of colonisation.

6: The sixth and last night in Spain is spent at the Parador of Ciudad Rodrigo, a 14th century bastion built by Enrique de Trastamara. Again valuable antiques can be found in certain rooms. This old walled city is known to have existed since the 6th century BC, though has been destroyed and rebuilt many times since then. Most of the main historic buildings date from XV and XVI centuries. In the beginning of the 19th century there was a French invasion which destroyed quite a lot of the city, but in 1812 the British, lead by Wellington, broke their siege and freed it. It was declared a national monument in 1944.

7: Our first night in Portugal will be spent at a Pousada (Portugal's equivalent to a Spanish Parador) situated in the central region of the country, high in the Serra de Estrela (Star Mountains). It is an impressively positioned mountainside hotel, once a hunting lodge with spectacular views across the valleys. In the cosy lounge/bar area a large fire burns on cooler evenings and a game of billiards can be organised after dinner.

8: The final night will be spent in the coastal town of Figueira da Foz, near Coimbra. We stay in a family owned hotel with views out across the sea and the wide estuary of the river Mondego. The hotel is ordinary looking, but the rooms are pleasant, the staff very helpful and friendly, and it is located within 50m of the old town centre where the casino is!

(We will endeavour to maintain this itinerary as printed, but if it necessary to change accommodation due to hotels being full etc. then we will always try to substitute with something of equal quality).

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