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Trans-Spain - Andorra to Portugal

Trans-Spain Tour - 1,800 km from Andorra to Portugal

A total distance of about 1,800 kms, of which about 85% is off-road, is waiting to be discovered by you going from Andorra to the coast near Coimbra in Portugal, or back.

Superb Trails
Seven days biking will introduce you to a selection of great trails ranging from fast winding tracks up mountain passes and through open meadows, cruising through verdant valleys, manoeuvering deep washouts, following arid sandy tracks across the Monegros Desert, finding our own way through sections of undergrowth, and tricky steep tracks - just a selection of some of the varied terrain that real enduro enthusiasts will appreciate. It is quite normal not to meet another vehicle for many kilometres and then it is generally a tractor working in a nearby field or a little old farmer in his beaten up car.

You will get to bike between 190 and 300 kms a day. Traveling back in time through a Spain of 30 years ago, discovering tiny villages, totally isolated and forgotten about, normally never found by "outsiders". Always given a warm welcome, as it's well known that Spanish people love bikes and bikers. All this challenge, excitement and adventure, with the knowledge that modern facilities are never very far away.

Trailriding heaven
This is a unique opportunity to meet the locals and experience the two countries in a different way, leaving with unforgettable memories of the REAL SPAIN and PORTUGAL. We would also like to think you come away from this tour having gained a little knowledge from us about the countries and the places we visit.
Offroad motorbike tours

Our Trans-Spain tour is not suitable for complete novice off-road riders. That's not to say they wouldn't make it, but we do recommend novices should consider our Andorra & Spanish Pyrenees or Terra Alta tours first. Riders with some experience on off-road motorbikes, or who have done a few days on one of our other tours would consider this a challenge, and most definitely possible.

Spectacular scenery

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