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Ural Mountains, Russia

Ural Mountains Tour- 10 days through the heart of Russia

Day 1: Flight to Ufa

Moscow is the starting point of the tour, and from here we catch a 2-hour flight to Ufa. Due to the additional 2 hours time difference you arrive in Ufa at the evening. We meet you at Ufa airport and bring you to the President Hotel, undeniably the best hotel in the city. It stands on the confluence of two rivers, and is surrounded by a pine grove. You relax and we take care of your hunger.

Day 2: Ufa Ц Ohlebinino

After a late breakfast, we discuss the itinerary, the riding, contingency and emergency plans. Not too much theory Ц we gear up and jump on the KTM 450 EXC bikes. We take it easy for the first few hours, and leisurely ride to a bungalow camp located 60 km from Ufa in a beautiful spot on the river Belaya. We enjoy a light lunch, followed by a ride through the gentle flourish foothills of the Ural Mountains before returning to the bungalow camp. A typical Russian picnic dinner with shashlik (Russian style barbecue), beer and of course vodka will be waiting for you.

Day 3: Ohlebinino Ц Tolparovo

We start the day with an early breakfast and head up to a different world Ц Russia's countryside. Riding through the picturesque steppe and into the gentle foothills of the Urals, we will pass a lot of very small Russian and Bashkir villages. The life of its inhabitants is so simple and archaic that you will feel as though you've gone back in time. Meet with support vehicles and enjoy a bonfire lunch. After a 3 hours afternoon ride we pitch our tents in a nice tranquil place on the river Zilim near the settlement Tolparovo, cook by bonfire, swim, and enjoy the rest of the evening with a few Russian beers.

Day 4: Tolparovo Ц Abzakovo

Continuing to cross the Urals we get right into the virtually untouched Russian taiga. Depending on the weather conditions, the very few forest trails become a hard challenge, even for experienced riders. After 2-3 hours ride we leave the forest and visit a partly exploited iron-ore mine. Back into the forest for some more riding, then a late lunch on the upper streams of the river Belaya. From here we take an easy ride to a lovely family-owned hotel in Abzakovo Ц the favorite ski resort of Prime Minister Putin. In the hotel restaurant we enjoy a tasty dinner and celebrate your first crossing of the Ural Mountains. In the comfortable and spacious 2-person bungalows you can relax from the tough riding days, enjoy sauna, massage or go to the aquapark.

Day 5: Abzakovo Ц Orlovka

After breakfast at the hotel we head off North-West, along the Eastern side of the Urals. As the Ural Mountains are the division between Europe and Asia, it means we'll be riding in Asia all day. The scenery here really is spectacular - mountainous, very lush and with "picture-postcard" lakes everywhere. Depending on the weather we stop for a swimming / lunch break at Lake Uzunkul, surrounded by a typical Russian pure silver birch forest. In the afternoon we ride on more gentle gravel roads, so we quickly move forward and you can enjoy a relatively easy going ride. By the evening we pitch our tents at Lake Aushkul and you again can enjoy the freshness of a clear mountain lake. Here, you might want to do some fishing and with a little bit of luck, we could be having for dinner the traditional Russian fish soup, "uha".

Day 6: Orlovka Ц Zyratkul

On days six and seven we crossed the Urals from West to East. Now we cross the mountains in the opposite direction, but much further to the north. Again there are only a few trails through the wild taiga. This means challenging narrow trails, river crossings, lots of ascents and descents, and dirt, dirt and more dirt. By evening we reach Lake Zyratkul, located in the protected national park, where we settle in for the night. Dinner and comfortable accommodation in a Russian-style solid wood house in the recently build deluxe EkoPark resort. Enjoy a traditional Russian banya, get a relaxing massage or go for a late evening walk by the beautiful Lake Zyratkul.

Day 7: Zyratkul Ц Kordon

As the last few days have been pretty tough going, we take a lazy start to this day. We don't want you to miss a chance to enjoy the tranquil surroundings of this place, go for a walk by the ancient lake Zyratkul or just getting more sleep. So we have a late breakfast and lunch at the resort's restaurant, which can be described as truly 5 star standard. In the early evening we ride 40 km to a remote bungalow camp on the territory of the national park Zyratkul.

Day 8: Kordon Ц Asha

After a hearty breakfast we head up further towards the West. After an hour or so we arrive at the mountain river Yuryzan. The river crossing will be hard and obviously wet, but worth the experience. And if you consider that Zlatoust-36 - one of Russia's closed military cities which manufactures strategic nuclear missiles, is located only 10 km from here, you know this is something that you will tell all your riding friends about back home. The few small run-down and nearly abandoned villages lost in the middle of nowhere which we pass on the way, will also leave lasting memories.

Today is the last hard enduro ride - in the afternoon we head on in a North-Western direction. It's only 40 km, but the partially overgrown forest trails with overturned trees, big stones, deep ruts and large puddles filled with sticky mud will challenge even experienced off-road riders. When we reach the settlement Suhaya Atya, it will mean that we have made it. After another 20 km of easy gravel road and tarmac we arrive in the small ski resort, Asha. Accommodation is in a comfortable wooden house. In the Russian wood-heated banya we will relax, drink beer and vodka, and reflect on the epic adventure that only a handful of people in the world have even attempted.

Day 9: Asha Ц Ufa

The last day will be an easy going ride, mostly on gravel and field roads mixed with some tarmac sections. On the way to Ufa we pass a number of villages, where you again can experience the typical Russian countryside life. The few small run-down and nearly abandoned villages lost in the middle of nowhere will also leave lasting memories. By the late afternoon we arrive back in Ufa at the President Hotel. While you get some rest and pack your gear, we load the bikes. By the evening we invite you for a tasty farewell dinner with traditional Russian and Bashkir cuisine. Expect this meal to last a long time.........

Day 10: Flight to Moscow

After an early breakfast at the hotel we take leave of this nearly untouched part of the world. Short transfer to Ufa airport. Final farewell to the group. For those of you who want to stay longer in Moscow we help to make necessary accommodation arrangements.

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