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Els Ports Tour

Our Els Ports tours have been a long time in the planning. Since discovering the area more than 10 years ago, we've normally done one day's riding here with every Aragon and Terra Alta tour since then. Most often, this route was reckoned to be the best day of the tour.

So in summer 2017, we moved our main base to Morella, the capital of the Els Ports region, and on the doorstep of many epic riding routes. Morella itself is one of the most beautiful and authentic Spanish mountain towns, deep in the Spanish mountains, yet only an hour from the coast. It has a dry, temperate climate, making it possible to ride all year long. On the rare occasions it's too wintry to ride in Els Ports, we ride from Valderrobres, on trails at lower altitude.

Our Els Ports tour routes take in the very best of the majestic Els Ports Natural Park, with it's spectacular vistas, and never-ending dirt trails. The park is protected, practically uninhabited, and where we're more likely to see eagles and Ibex, and with very few signs of civilisation, except of course a few KTMs to get us there.

Other routes are in the Maestrazgo region, west of Morella. A region steeped in history, and a prominent region in a lot of the most important battles in Spanish history, the Maestrazgo region is a very mountainous area, sparsely populated, and with 1000s of kilometres of rarely-used dirt trails.

From Morella we also ride in the Matarraña area, through the well-tended vineyards and olive groves still farmed by the "Old" Spanish farmers, and where a traditional way of life is gradually changing forever.


An ancient walled town located on a hill-top in the mountains of Castellón, part of the Valencian Community, Spain. The town is the capital and administrative centre of the comarca of Els Ports, in the historic Maestrat / Maestrazgo region.

Recognised by UNESCO, and declared one of the most beautiful towns in Spain by the Spanish Government, Morella is the ideal base for our Els Ports tours. With an abundance of traditional mountain restaurants, cafes and tapas bars, it's the perfect setting for relaxing and recovering from the days exertions.

Els Ports tours

Els Ports Natural Park

A rugged, dramatic inland Natural Park, covering the most mountainous regions of Aragon, Catalonia and Valencia regions.


A sparsely-populated mountainous area on the eastern side of the Sistema Ibérico, rich in history, scenery and dirt trails!!


With it's traditional towns and villages, it's vineyards and terraced olive groves, Matarraña is often compared with Tuscany.


A vibrant, authentic Spanish mountain-top town, with many bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels and tapas bars within walking distance.

Els Ports Natural Park offroad motorbike tours

Guided offroad motorbike tours in the inland mountainous regions of the "Real Spain"